Axe Murderer is a 2006 short story and unofficial sequel to The Dead Boyfriend (or Mad Axman) Urban Legend. It also takes inspiration from Jeepers Creepers.

Plot SummeryEdit

A young couple (named Alan and Lindsay in the credit) are spending their holiday at an English hotel by the lake. On their way home, they are chased by a giant winged creature holding an axe. Their car is crashed, and Alan is mutilated by the creature. Lindsay attempts to escape, but the being catches up with her and presumably kills her on the spot.

Other VariationsEdit

There have been some alternative endings to the story and slight revisions concerning the couple's fate. Both Lindsay and Alan survive, although they escape nearly being tortured and mutilated at the killer's lair.


A short sequel to this story titled The Gun Murderer (or Gunman) follows on from a revised ending where Lindsay and Alan are living a normal life, but they find themselves a target of a serial killer wielding a firearm (as the title suggests).

A third short story (but not featuring either of the two original characters) titled The Hook was also created.