C.A.T is an american horror film based around a mad doctor named, Dr. Basil Benson, who wants the abilities of a cat. So he made a serum to transfer the cat's abilities into the doctor's DNA. But he soon discovers a strong craving of milk, fish, and HUMAN BLOOD.

As he slowly changes into a horrid human/cat hybrid, police soon discover his transformation and kills him before he can hurt anyone in a small, quiet town of "Dayton, Ohio".



  1. C.A.T
  2. C.A.T ll: Passion of the CLAW
  3. C.A.T lll: The Revenge
  4. Sister C.A.T
  5. Son of the C.A.T
  6. Hell C.A.T
  7. C.A.T VS. Re-animator

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