Critters 5 is Based off of The original Movies of The Little Furry Hairballs from Outer Space known as Critters.


The Plot of The Story takes you into Outer Space, on A Prison Facility, where The Critters (or Crites) attack The Prison Facility, and Destroyed part of It


Main CastEdit

  • TBA as Rickie Stone
  • TBA as James Stone
  • TBA as Amilia Jones
  • TBA as Josh Quinn Devon
  • TBA as Jimmy Smitt
  • TBA as John Myers
  • TBA as Dean Jones
  • TBA as Mr.Devon

Supporting CastEdit

  • TBA as Mr.Gross
  • TBA as Male Student 1
  • TBA as Male Student 2
  • TBA as Male Student 3
  • TBA as Female Student 1
  • TBA as Female Student 2
  • TBA as Female Student 3


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Trivia Edit

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  • The Plot Story of This Fan Fiction will be Worked On for A While, as I'll make it, when The Time has Come to End The Story, It will be Done as The Process of It will be Finished.
  • Afterwards This Story will take Place not just in Any Old Collage and City, but Back to Groversbend and It's New University.
  • If You want to Read The Story Plot here is The Link to The Story of Critters 5, but in The Meantime This Story will (Possibly) Take Longer.