Dolly Dearest 2 is an American 1993 horror film starring Candace Hutson and Chris Demetral. The film is a sequel to the 1991 horror film Dolly Dearest.

Summary Edit

While a now-adult Jessica is admitted to a psychiatric hospital, her young son Jimmy Wade is placed in foster care, and Dolly, determined to claim Jimmy's soul, is not far behind.

Taglines Edit

  • It's Time to Play .... Again!
  • This Fall, Dolly Rules

Sequels and Crossover Edit

Two sequels titled Dolly Dearest 3 and Dolly Dearest 4: Spouse of Dolly were created.

Crossovers include Dolly Vs Pinocchio, Chucky Vs Dolly, Chucky Vs Pinocchio Vs Dolly, Chucky Vs Dolly Vs Annabelle, and Dolly Vs Annabelle.