Helloween: Pinhead vs. Michael is a crossover horror film starring Michael Myers from Halloween and Pinhead from Hellraiser. This film is similar to Freddy vs. Jason.

Plot Edit

It has been 15 years since Michael Myers finally killed his sister Laurie Strode, her son John, and her daughter-in-law Molly will never forgive him because she wants him dead.

In Hell, the demonic priest Pinhead views the garden of souls and thinks having a powerful and evil soul like Michael Myers would make a great addition to the tortured souls collection.

Cast Edit

  • Doug Bradley as Pinhead
  • Nick Castle as Michael Myers

Crew Edit

  • Directed by John Carpenter
  • Produced by Clive Baker

Production Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Unlike Freddy vs. Jason, this is not a slasher movie.