ichael VS. Jason is a Horror Thriller fanfiction novel written by Nightclaw 6000 and takes inspiration from the Horror franchises Halloween and Friday the 13th. This story is similar to the film Freedy VS. Jason.

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Summary Edit

In the town of Haddonfield, IIIinois (this story might explain why Michael Myers didn't appear in Halloween III: Season of the Witch) Michael Myers occurs. One of the residents in the town, Laurie Strode, sets off in search of Michael Myers to stop him once and for all.

Meanwhile, at Camp Crystal Lake, Tina Shepard awakens another serial killer, Jason Voorhees after wishing her father would return. Jason will now do anything to keep out Tina, Laurie, and Michael out of his Home Sweet Home.

Soon, two evils will finally meet and duel to the death: Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees! who will win?

Plot Edit

Issue #1

After the pollution of Camp Crystal Lake, due to toxic waste, Jason is brought to life by Tina Shepard and they take a train which travels to Haddonfield, IIIiois. When the train almost reaches it's destination to Haddonfield, IIIiosis, Jason kills a homeless man, his dog, and a couple of people who work on the train except Tina for unknown reasons and the train crashes. Jason walks through the Haddonfield, IIIiosis town and encounters a man who had been looking for help after being chased by two crazy guys (Michael Audrey Myers and Laurie Strode Myers) when the man thinks that Jason is going to help him, Jason raises his machete to kill him. Jason cuts the man's head off. He befriends Michael Myers, while Tina hangs out with Laurie, (he secretly decides to murder Michael Audrey Myers all for himself). He goes to the Myers house with him and is introduced to Donald and Edith Myers. They first thought that Jason was going to kill them but Michael tells them how he killed the man. After an arguement of he should changehis ways, Michael goes to his room and cries. There Jason sees removing his Michael removing his mask who is hairy and is good-looking (which makes Jason sad and jealous since people made fun of his face)

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