• This story begins after the end of Season 3

Why the hell would you bring these people to the prison says Carl. These people need a place to live Carl, we couldnt just leave these people in Woodbury, they would have just died! What if one of these people dies and turns then what do we do? said Carl. We keep watch of the old people make sure this dosent happen said Rick. Dad,  this was a dumb move, we have nearly no supplies or weapons for all of these people said Carl. We will have to go on more supply runs said Rick. Alright if you insist said Carl. *Theme music begins.

Alright so for this major supply run I have rounded up Me, you Carl, Daryl, Maggie, Glenn, Tyreese, Sasha, Karen, Michonne, Carl, and a couple of the Woodbury folks says Rick. Everyone ready for this supply run said Rick. Everyone yells ready. The group takes off in search for a bussiness district. Hey lets check that building on the right said Carl. *Big Spot appears in the camera. This place looks perfect for everyting! says Michonne. *They pull up to the Big Spot only to find that the place has many army tents in front of them. Lets check these out, see if anyone is living in these said Daryl. *They open the gate to the tents. Anyone in here said Tyreese. Looks empty said Sasha. Who are you said a unfamiliar voice. *The group raises their guns. Woah, woah im not an enemy the strange man says. Who are you then said Daryl. Im Bob Stookey, a former army medic. The rest of my group went on a supply run a while ago, maybe a month, they have not returned since. Well Bob, im sure you guys have looted that Big Spot really good said Maggie. Nope there is still about 80% of the supplies left over. Thats a relief, we are running low on food back at our base said Glenn. Well im looking for a group to join, may i join up with your guys said bob. Fine said Rick but were keeping an eye on you. *Carl gives Rick a dirty look. *The group loads up their 2 prison busses with as much supplies as they can.  This stuff alone will last us a couple of months said Daryl. And we still have not made a dent in the store said Maggie. *The group gets back to the prison. Welcome home says Rick. *Bob has his mouth open in awe.

  • End of episode.