Slender is an upcoming horror story written by TheInfected



Lauren Porter never really had an intresting life. She had a normal childhood, normal parents, normal life and a boring job as a receptionist. The one thing that has been intresting in her best friend, Katie who has been in a mental asylum for three years. Katie believes herself to be stalked by a tall, skinny man with no face and she sees him in her dreams, visions and everywhere she goes. Currently Katie lives at her estate in the woods, scared out of her mind. Lauren believes her friend to be crazy and that there's no such thing of this "Slender-Man". But everyone is wrong once and a while.


TBA as Lauren Porter

TBA as Katie


Season 1Edit

101: Mental

102: Someone Who Understands

103: Missing

104: Stalked

105: Wake Up

106: Search

107: Found?

More Names to Come Soon