The Axe Murderer is a crime horror series written by Nathan Johnson and takes inspiration from horror franchises like Halloween and Saw. An original trilogy of stories was first written in March 2006, then was followed by a second trilogy of stories running from January 2013 to June 2014, which also featured a three-part prequel series.


The Axe Murderer is set in the fictional county of Quarry in which a series of spree killings take place, by someone the media dub the "Axe Murderer". An agent named Liam Harrison returns to his home county to solve the crime and track down his abducted cousin, however the investigation leads him on a chain of events and into confrontation with a mystery cult.


Main seriesEdit

  • The Axe Murderer
  • The Axe Murderer 2
  • Quarrytown
  • The Axe Murderer IV: Return to Quarrytown
  • The Axe Murderer V: Grand Scheme
  • The Axe Murderer: Final Chapter

Prequel seriesEdit

  • Quarry Origins
  • Quarry Order
  • Quarry Origins: Darkness


  • The Christmas Murderer
  • The Christmas Murderer Part 2
  • Axe Murderer: Origins of Clandestine


  • The Christmas Murderer (2015)
  • Axe Murderer: New Order (2017)
  • Murdersville (2017-)