The House of the Dead IV is a lost sequel fan-fiction to The House of the Dead arcade series by Sega and a sequel to The House of the Dead III. It was written in 2003, but ended up being lost and not accounted for. In no way related to the true installment which was released two years later in 2005 (although was a prequel to the third game).


The story followed on from the events of The House of the Dead III and was set in the 2020s during an ongoing zombie outbreak. The plot was similar in ways to the predecessor, and featured the son of Caleb Goldman (the primary antagonist of The House of the Dead 2) who wanted to continue on his father's work.

Unmade sequel and remakeEdit

Prior to the short story being lost, a sequel titled The House of the Dead V was planned and would have been set in London.

Following the loss of the story it was going to be remade, but this never came to pass.

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