The Zombie Gorilla is a missing 2000 short horror-comedy film produced by Market Square Productions. It acts as a loose spinoff to George A. Romero’s Living Dead zombie movies and Allan Dwan’s The Gorilla, being set during the events of both of them.

Plot Summary Edit

The plot follows the titular protagonist Zombie Gorilla who plots to takeover the world under the command of his Zombie Gorilla Leader. Despite his best schemes, the Zombie Gorilla is defeated, with their body burned alongside the rest of the undead.

Cast Edit

Release Edit

On November 14th, 2017, some photos from the film were released.

Scrapped Sequels Edit

The story was planned to be part of a trilogy, with two sequels titled The Zombie Gorilla 2: The Passion of the Flesh and The Zombie Dog 3: Spook House Zombie to be released shortly after. However, this never came to pass.