• I woke up in the middle of the night. With no clue why. I never usually do. BANG. "What the fuck was that?" I thought to myself. So for that thought. I decided to check it out. My first thought was to go to the Kitchen. Empty. I checked the front door. Locked. I checked all the windows in the house. Locked. I checked the back door. Locked. I checked the living room. Normal. Everything seems normal. I go back to the kitchen as I need to go there to get to the upstairs as the only door to the stairs is through to the Kitchen. Weird yes. Just the weirdest thing though. The Fridge was open. My first thought was that I must've opened it when I went here the first time. I am extremely tired and have only gotten about. 30-40 minutes of sleep. I checked my watch. 1:41 AM. I closed the Fridge and Went back to bed.
  • So I wake up the next morning. I check my watch 2:36 PM. I shower,Change. All that. I go back downstairs. The fridge is open. I freeze with fear and go "What the?" Something compels me to run but I don't. I close the Fridge. Check all the doors and windows. Locked, Locked and LOCKED! I go to work. Lock the door behind me and when I come back. Go inside. Lock the door again. I go to the Kitchen to make something to eat. The Fridge is open. With all the food lying on the Ground. I do what is starting to become a routine. Close the fridge. Check all the doors and windows. Still locked. STILL. FUCKING. LOCKED. I then take all the food and throw it away. Starting to become scared. I run to the living room and put on T.V. I checked the roof. Starting to become a bit damp. I watch TV and order Takeaway for food later. Eventually. I go to bed.
  • I wake up in the middle of the Night. I check my watch. 1:41 AM. I think to myself "Huh?" I then look to the end of my bed. Standing. IN the dark area of the room. Was some-thing. With huge. Deep black eyes. A long skinny body. Large terrifying claws with blood and food dripping from the bottom of them. I scream louder than I've ever screamed. I call 911 as soon as I can. When I look back .THe Monster is gone. I get taken to answer some questions and later put into a mental hospital. Perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned the monster.
  • It was only 10 days later when they found the corpse in the floor of the Bedroom which is just above the living room

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